Islet Programs

The Islet Programs at Imagine Pharma focus on regenerative work aimed at expanding the sources of insulin producing cells for the therapy of diabetes. Imagine has also developed a resource center that offers consulting solutions and islet isolation services for investigators and institutions focused on islet cell research and diabetes.

Under the direction of Dr. Rita Bottino, a renowned expert in the field of islet isolation for research, pre-clinical and clinical applications, the company offers research-grade human isolated islets and an broader array of related services including:

Islet Isolation and Related Services

Imagine offers research-grade human isolated islets and an array of broader services:

  1. Islet Consulting Services
    1. Establishment of research islet laboratories
    2. Individual or group training on human and animal islet isolation, culture and management
    3. Optimization and troubleshooting of islet isolation protocols from human and animal pancreatic organs, including culture and preparation for transplant
  2. Customized processing of pancreatic organs to provide both tissue biopsies as well as isolated islets
  3. On demand islet isolation from large mammal pancreatic organs
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